Korinne Hoh

Published November 11, 2014

2013 Crossfit Level 1 Trainer certification
“Shankled” October 2013

I gave birth…twice!

Favorite WOD: Grace

Favorite CrossFit Movement/Lift: Clean & Jerk, Deadlift, and Squats

Least favorite WOD: Fran

If I’m not at the gym, I might be doing this… traveling, kindergarten homework, photographing, sleeping, or shopping.

Hobby/Activities: Photographer

Hometown: Military brat

Nicknames: K-dawg

Aside from the day to day training and meeting some of my very best friends, I’d have to say completing the 2013 Barbell for Boobs event with my husband as my partner! It was our first event together!

I was introduced to crossfit because my husband wouldn’t shut up about jerking some girls. At the time I was taking spin classes and doing mostly cardio in the mommy room. It took me a few months to ease into crossfit and not be so intimidated. All it took was a few PRs and I was hooked.

Also, my most recent goal was finally breaking into triple digits with all of my lifts.

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