Hall Sebren

Published July 16, 2015

CrossFit Level 1

2006 Utah State Tae Kwon Do Sparring Tournament Champion
1999 Armed Forces Europe Greco Roman Wrestling Champion
Collegiate Wrestling, Air Force Academy

Favorite WOD: Murph

Favorite CrossFit Movement/Lift: Pull-up

Least favorite WOD: Badger

If I’m not at the gym, I might be doing this… reading or running.

Hobby/Activities: Coaching wrestling, family time

Hometown:  Marietta, GA

Nicknames: Hall

Having just returned from a year in Iraq (160 ft), I took my then 9 year-old to the AF Academy CF room to do Badger with me.  Besides being a tough workout, we were at 6,000ft, anyway, Alex would finish a part of the WOD then run over and ask me why it was taking me so long to finish the part I was on.  He was crushing me and didn’t even know it!

My friend ‘Hobo’ started me on the CF adventure in ’09 and my friend Ed really got me hooked by getting my into the level 1 cert class while we were in the desert.

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